I Need Help With Puppy Biting

Joseph asks…

Training a biting puppy?

My puppy is almost 4 months old. she’s a cairn terrier. Lately her biting habits have spread from objects to people. i could be cuddling with her, go in for a kiss and she’ll raise her lip and lash at your face. How do i train her to drop this dangerous habit? I don’t want her continuing this through her adult years

Dogman answers:

They lose their baby teeth between 4 and 6-months-old. Trade your fingers for toys, bones, carrots. When she bites, address it as soon as it starts, I use the command “Shame” I point, snap my fingers, and say “shame” and praise her when she is good.

Lisa asks…

I’m training my puppy to stop biting on my furniture and shirts.

I’m teaching puppy to stop biting with bitter apple spray, it’s not working too well, lol, is there a better way to stop him?

Dogman answers:

I always find it best to reprimand with a simple Uh-Uh! And give him a toy to distract him, if he continues say it a bit louder, if he ignores you again, 5 minutes timeout. Its a bit like teaching a young child who does not speak, the way you look at them, stand and frown means more than the actual word you use, dogs use body language to read what you are saying.

When he bites you say another Uh-Uh, then turn away and ignore him, hopefully he will get the message. Don’t forget to look him straight in the eye and use a grumpy voice.

David asks…

Beagle puppy training- stop biting?

She is great but she’s becoming quite a handful. She’s pretty muched potty trained but beginning to get spoiled- she will only poop and pee once on the wee wee pad and then if it’s soiled- she will go elsewhere so i’m changing it more often so she doesn’t have an accident and praising her when she does her business. She’s doing well with that.

My question- her teething is getting worse and she loves mommy’s hands. If she bites my hands/fingers then i say no, put a chewing toy in her mouth and say “good girl”. I’m repeating this method but she doesn’t seem to get it. Is there another method i should try to help teach her that fingers/hands are not for biting? I thought i was doing pretty good with her training but i’m starting to feel like a failure.

Any suggestions would be great and helpful. FYI: She never learned anything from her mother since she died giving birth to her

Dogman answers:

Perfectly normal behavior, all puppies explore their world with their mouth.

By your description you are rewarding good behavior without there being a consequence for bad behavior. So you are trying to train the dog with only one half of the formula.

When the pup puts it’s mouth on you, wrap your thumb and index finger around it’s snout holding it’s mouth closed and tell it “no bite” then tell it “here” as you hand it it’s chew toy. Be consistent and use this same sequence when the pup chews on shoes or whatever.
Most important is this is the perfect opportunity to start teaching your puppy HOW to learn.

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